I got in a hit and run accident that tore a ligament in my shoulder and tightened my neck up like a guitar string. After trying various therapies, I ended up on Hazel’s table. Within moments, I noticed two things: 1) That she was truly committed to my personal wellbeing. She reiterated this through the perfect amount of communication. 2) Hazel is a natural born healer. From the moment she touches your sore back, you will feel the tension fade away, and her adept fingers will find the hidden spots that may be surreptitiously the cause of your pain. Also, she has an immeasurable amount of knowledge about the human body. I would highly recommend her to anyone. -Thomas Barron, San Francisco, CA

Hazel has an innate ability to feel exactly what my body needs and uses her wealth of knowledge to aid me in attaining greater overall health – above the pain that initially brought me to see her. I’m so grateful I found her. Hazel is superb and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone!! -Julia Smith, San Anselmo, CA

I have worked with many massage therapists and Hazel Frost is among the top. I have been seeing Hazel for the past few months and my results are fantastic. Hazel honors the healing potential of the human body and I can feel that connection and intention every time I receive her work. She has the ability to work subtle or deep in the system which is dependent upon what the body needs on that particular visit. I highly recommend Hazel, she is a great massage therapist. Check her out! -Dr. Matthew Egan D.C., Egan Family Chiropractic, San Rafael, CA

Hazel brings a conscious, compassionate approach to her practice that creates a truly peaceful healing experience. Her knowledge, skill and intuition make her unique in her profession and I’m so glad to have had the chance to work with her. Thanks Hazel!
-Gina Brollier, Neuromuscular Therapist, Reiki Master, San Francisco, CA

Hazel is quite simply one of the best therapists I’ve ever worked with. She has such a great intuitive feel for where my body most needs work, and has an impressive array of techniques to draw from. The massage she gives is so individualized, not just a prescribed set of moves; the treatment is really tailored to what I and my body is telling her as the work progresses. Hazel’s healing and compassionate spirit creates a wonderful space for relaxation and wellness. Amazing, highly recommend! -Michele, San Rafael, CA

I am most appreciative of how well Hazel listens to me. She takes a sincere interest in my somewhat obtuse explanations of ailments, etc. She is quickly able to ascertain what is most relevant and then able to prescribe a treatment or even home remedy such as stretching or a change in diet. I also deeply appreciate her unquestionable integrity, superlative massage therapy skills and expertise, and her sense of humor!
I feel very comfortable, cared for and safe on her table which is, for me, unique. She listens well and takes her cues from me. She lets me decide if I need quiet during the session or if I prefer comfortable conversation. Hazel can accommodate either. She checks in with me, asks for feedback and is responsive in her methods of individualizing the care. She also encourages me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with passive resistance stretches or offering me suggestions for moves I can do at home. And, she is open to ideas and interested to know what works for me.
Thank you Hazel, for being there for me! -Howard, Tiburon, CA