services & rates


deeply relax and re-energize with swedish, accupressure, light stretches, organic massage cream

$75/60min, $100/90min, $130/120min

deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point therapy

deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point techniques go to the deeper layers to address chronically tight muscles and fascia while re-aligning and centering your whole body and letting layers of tension in your being melt away!

$90/60min, $115/90min, $150/120min

focused injury recovery

advanced neuromuscular techniques address acute and chronic issues of a specific area/joint region. click here for a list of common conditions which can be significantly relieved by these treatments.

these sessions are usually performed with the recipient fully clothed; please wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, yoga pants, sports top, t-shirt.

$65/45min, $85/60min

relaxing, deeply therapeutic session incorporating swedish and accupressure techniques with some deeper work on a focused area of your choice.

$80/60min, $110/90min, $150/120min

massage for the athlete or weekend warrior, tailored to address your specific needs based on your activity level, upcoming events, and previous conditions/injuries.

$85/60min, $115/90min